Before the cameras roll, the planning happens. Collaboration with clients, envisioning the message, writing the scripts, mapping the shots. Though the outcome can never be predicted to 100% accuracy, the best productions come from a clear vision of the end product.


Anyone can hold a camera, but a successful production requires attention to detail and the management of unforeseen complications; whether it’s troubleshooting problems with gear, or putting your talent at ease so they can focus on performing and deliver their lines.


Editing is more than the assembly of footage. It’s the final infusion of emotion and character into a project. The pace of the cuts, the tempo of music, the movement of graphics, all convey emotion in an innate sensory language. Editing is the act of writing in that language.

Featured Projects

The Elevator Pitch

I’m a cat parent, a science understander, a Trekkie, a kayaker, a model train hobbyist, and by day I’m a television commercial producer.

Since August of 2018, I have worked for Savannah’s most watched television station, WTOC-TV, producing commercials for broadcast, OTT, and for our extended digital advertising network. The sales team decides how to best spend our clients’ advertising dollars, and it’s my job to work with the clients to develop their video campaign.

My job involves writing, shooting, editing, and animating graphics, with occasional voiceover work. The average turnaround in commercial production for local TV can be as little as 3 days, so time management and organization are paramount. In my time with WTOC, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and organizations reach their audience.

I have a Bachelor of Science in multimedia communications from Georgia Southern University.

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